Tyo "River" Entialpoh

A simple look into the blonde coeurl.

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Under the first umbral moon of the year, the night of the twenty-fifth sun, a small blonde keeper was born in the Peering Stones in a dark corner. Spells were cast and she was set in the wilds to survive on her own. Protected by Menphina and her coeurl family, she not only survived but thrived. She was raised as a coeurl kitten and lived as a coeurl for her first eighteen years.

This is a carrd for a fictional character in the game Final Fantasy XIV.

Carrd made and maintained by Tyo's Carrds.

Character Sheet

❤️ Please remember, she has only been in civilization since 2/25/2020. ❤️
❤️ She is going to make mistakes and say the wrong thing at times. ❤️

Core Information

Full Name: Tyo Entialpoh
Nicknames: River
Age: 19
Nameday: 25th Sun of the First Umbral Moon (2/25)
Gender: Female
Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon... and other things.
Height: 4 fulms, 9 ilms
Weight: 90 ponze
Scent: Rosemary and Mint
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Skin Color: Pale Off White
Fur Color: Golden Blonde, ears and tail only
Social Status: Minor noble of Ul'dah, title only
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Married to Alter
Current Residence: Kobai Goten apartment
Occupation: Dancer, Escort, Crafter, Gatherer
Philosophy: Still figuring it out.
Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies
Ailments: None

Mental Information

Vices: None yet
Likes: Too much to list
Dislikes: Mean people mostly
Loves: Her life
Hates: Doesn't have the capacity for hate
Fears: Being caged, tamed or put on a leash
Interests: She likes to experience new things and people.
Hobbies: Reading, gardening, crafting
Personality: Energetic and Vivacious, Inquisitive and Direct
Professionally: She does her best not to mix her work with her personal life.

Physical Information

Body Type: Lithe and Lean, Defined
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Silky, straight and down past the base of her tail when down.
Skin: Smooth and soft, very few visible blemishes. Tiny birthmark under right eye.
Ears: A little bigger than they should be for her size, constantly moving to sounds.
Tail: Long and sleek.

Unique Features:

❤️ - Half-digitigrade Feet Normally glamoured to look like normal Miqo'te feet.
❤️ - Semi-retractable cat-like claws on her toes.


❤️ - None visible.


❤️ - Small, rose pink heart under her left eye.


❤️ - Belly Button.

Physical Defenses:

❤️ - Actual claws on her fingers.
❤️ - Semi-retractable cat-like claws on her toes.

Physical Weaknesses:

❤️ - She only weighs 90 ponze.

Clothing & Accessories


❤️ -Rose Pink, Wine Red, Ruby Red

Everyday Wear:

❤️ -
❤️ -

At Home:

❤️ - [Comfy Clothes]()
❤️ - [PJs]()
❤️ -

❤️ - Dancer
❤️ - Endless Quaint
❤️ - Lady in Red
❤️ - Crafting
❤️ - Gathering

Weapons of Choice:

❤️ - Enchufla


❤️ - Gysahl Ring on her right forefinger
❤️ - Wedding Ring on her left ring finger
❤️ - Belly button piercing


❤️ - A Corsage in her hair
❤️ - Always wears high heels

Escort Information

My rates vary, if I'm working at a club, it's their rates.
Fill out my booking form to schedule a booking with me.

  • ❤️ - Available for GFE.

  • ❤️ - Availability varies.

  • ❤️ - Outcall or Incall.

  • ❤️ - NO ageplay, toilet stuff, non-con, pregnancy, abuse.

  • ❤️ - NO macro sizes or excessive cum.

Crafting Services

All prices are for High Quality if available.
All prices subject to change.

Item namePrice perPrice set*
Aesthete's Crafting (no tools)65,000 gil450,000 gil
Aesthete's Crafting Tools40,000 gil65,000 gil
Aesthete's Gathering (no tools)65,000 gil450,000 gil
Aesthete's Gathering Tools40,000 gil65,000 gil
Neo-Ishgardian Armor (no weapons)30,000 gil300,000 gil
Neo-Ishgardian Weapons (except PLD)30,000 gil--------
Neo-Ishgardian Weapons (PLD)30,000 gil45,000 gil
Facet Crafting (no tools)20,000 gil200,000 gil
Facet Crafting Tools20,000 gil35,000 gil
Facet Gathering (no tools)20,000 gil200,000 gil
Facet Gathering Tools20,000 gil35,000 gil

* Set prices are for one class.

Please contact me for anything else you want to be crafted.

Her Story

Prologue - A Violet Requiem

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - A Violet Requiem

(This is a bit of history but not about Tyo.)

A night sometime in the early part of the Sixth Astral Era, storms raged as a Seeker let out a scream signifying that her labor was coming to an end. A final push to bring life into the world; a cacophony to challenge the thunder. With the first mewling of the child, the skies parted and the storms ceased. The baby was gifted with Seeker eyes that looked like polished emeralds, a long sleek tail, and fangs. As often happens with superstitious tribes, the child’s appearance was perceived as an ill omen from the gods, rather than a quirk of nature. So she was cast out into the wilds to fend for herself.

Be it a stubborn nature, a will to live, or pure instinct, she managed to survive and thrive for seventeen years in her feral home. Then, some soul thought to pluck her from all she knew, “save” her and bring her into society. This individual taught her to write, read, dress, speak, and behave. However, Violet’s wild side never stayed buried for long. Her temperament and even very nature were forever changed from her time in the wilds, and it was said all of her senses were heightened. Once the self-proclaimed savior decided Violet was suitable for society, she was sent into the world to fend for herself.

Violet was quite successful making her way through the world with the same determination that kept her alive in the wilds for a number of years. However, as all things tend to do, her fortune faded. At that lowest moment, she found herself in a bar faced with a handsome stranger who fed her and made the indecent proposal to offer her a grand sum for her virginity. Despite her desperate conditions, Violet wrestled for hours whether to accept this proposal. She had never been attracted to men in her life, but this one seemed different, and she needed the money. She accepted his offer. However, when the time came to keep her end of the bargain, she wasn’t only deflowered, she was forever changed. The man was a creature who changed Violet to be like himself. Alive, yet not. Feeding on others to keep alive and youthful.

For the next several centuries, it is said Violet split her time between the wilds and civilization, arriving in Coerthas shortly before Ishgard began to emerge as a city-state. This is when Violet met her first mistress. How she found her, and how they came to their agreement, and why the family settled in Ul’dah has been lost to history, but it was at this time they built the manor that would become Violet’s home. For hundreds of years, Violet was kept as a prized keepsake. Fed and watched over by her mistress, and then her mistress’s children, and so on. Violet watched the world around her change and grow. She watched generations of the family grow and pass away, but she was happy with her lot in life.

Finally, the family had no more heiresses, and the last mistress’s time to leave the world had come. Violet begged her mistress to let her change her; to stay with her. But she refused. The family left safeguards in place to allow Violet to take over the estate once their line ended, so she stayed in that home for a century. A long, pointless century.

Taken from "Regarding Sariah and Violet"

RP Hooks

  • Possible clients of the Book & Blade Company's crafting service.

  • Try and meet her at one of the clubs she dances at.

  • Looking for a dancer for your event, hire her!

Intimate Things

The information on this page is things you need to know before an intimate encounter with Tyo

❤️ - She does not kiss much, and rarely open-mouthed.

❤️- Her body is very firm. She is very lean and lithe.

❤️- If you slap her ass it doesn’t jiggle but you may hurt your hand.

❤️- Her breast will jiggle a little but they are small.

❤️- She is extremely tight at first. If you slam into her with a toy or cock, she will hurt you.

❤️- She is not a pet or your pet and will end the session and blacklist you if you ask her to be.

❤️- She is not a sub or a dom. She likes to be somewhat in control.


❤️- She will be on top, especially if your body is a lot larger than her.

❤️- She is extremely flexible and stronger than she looks.

❤️- Do NOT rp her climax!

💥 If you fail to respect these things, the session will end with no refund. 💥

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